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Free Advertising. Please send in your ad. No obligation. Please follow these simple rules:

Free advertising is limited to Hawaii residents/businesses Please post clasifieds type ads on the bulletin board(s) of your choice.

If you have a resources / accomodations ad please follow the below guidlines.

Type normally, not in all upper or lower case. Please limit the size of the ad as much as possible.

An email address must be included. Please include the island.

Please place OutInHawaiiWM@gmail.com in your friends folder so OutInHawaii.com can email you about your ad if needed.

OutInHawaii.com has the right to edit your ad or refuse advertising to anyone.

If you don't see a category for your ad, OutInHawaii.com will create one. Please send in your ad.

You can include a picture(s) with your ad. Please resize picture(s) so that it is not huge and email it in. Click here to see a sample one page web site OutInHawaii.com will create for you, FREE. You can send up to five pictures and a block of text, or no text on the web site and up to six pictures. I usually update OutInHawaii.com once a week (Sun/Mon). So please be patient.

Please choose island(s) to the left to email your ad to the webmaster. There is not an automatic post mechanism, so if the link to the left does not work, please send the ad in the form of an email to OutInHawaiiWM@gmail.com.

OutInHawaii.com has the right to edit your ad or refuse adverisiting to anyone!

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