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Q1.) Does "Pending chats" mean somebody is saying hello?

A1)Pending chats are people trying to private chat with you and you have not responded to them.

Q2.) If I leave the window, but don't click "Leave Chatroom", am I still in the room?

A2)If you do not click "Leave Chat" you stay loged-in for one hour after leaving the chat room.

Q3.) Any way to tell what time people are coming and going? Seems like the info stays for days

A3)Chat lines stay for one day and then they are automatically deleted.

Q4.) More basic: Any way to tell who's in the room? I see people enter, not see a "leave" note, but their names not up there in the list. Invisible?

A4)If they have joined the room and are current you will see their username to the right of the chat lines. If they are viewing the room, you will not know. If they do not click "Leave Chat" and the program automatically logs them out in an hour you will not see a "leave" note. So basically if you see the username in the username list they are in the room. If they are not in the username list they are not in the room.

Q5.) Is there a word limit on the chat bar text?

A5)The character limit on the chat bar text is 180 characters/spaces. On the chat stuff where you can list your stats etc. to show with your username when users click on it the limit is 50 spaces/characters.

Thanks for your questions. This part of OutInHawaii.com is still new and might have some bugs in it. I tried to work them out before posting it, but it is impossible to see everything until it gets used. Please ask if you need info on anything else. Sincerely, OutInHawaii.com Mahalo for your time